We're happy to announce the immediate availability of Sencha Touch 2.0.1. This version include fixes for many issues developers have reported. For a complete list of changes, please read the Release Notes.

You can download this build here: Download

Special Notes:

  • For details on upgrading with Sencha Command please refer to our Updated Sencha Command Documentation
  • If you are using a LocalStorage proxy, from now on your Model's identifier strategy must generate unique id's. We suggest you use the included UUID strategy by adding identifier: 'uuid' to your Model definition. Any existing Models you have saved to LocalStorage will need to have this added. A warning will be thrown for any Model configured with a LocalStorage proxy that doesn't have a unique id generating strategy.
  • The change event in Ext.field.Select has been changed to return the new and old values and not records. This is to make it more consistent with all other form fields.
  • The change event in Ext.field.Slider has been changed event now passes the Slider component
  • Removed the default Ext.MessageBox requirement, added a proper error when Ext.Msg is used without Ext.MessageBox the requirement
  • Refactored NavigationBar. NavigationBar now extends TitleBar and has ellipsis support. Animations in NavigationView on Android are now supported
  • Optimized Card Layout with extra absolute position wrapper, improves performance in complex applications and when docking items to the left/right
  • Implemented a new default ui for the radio field
  • Revamped Command, removed all binaries (now reside in SDK Tools installations entirely)