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Thread: Architect activation problems (loop between license and credentials)

    Thank you for reporting this bug. We will make it our priority to review this report.
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    Default Architect activation problems (loop between license and credentials)

    I have bought a license for Architect 2, but it got stuck during activation.

    I have been using the "designer 2" beta for some weeks now after buying a license for the new version in March. Today I received a license key to activate my license and "upgrade" from the trial license.

    I started designer and went to the registration page and pasted the provided key where required. It then asked me to provide my forum login credentials (which I did), and also to accept the license agreement (which I did).

    It now seem to be stuck in an endless loop alternating between this login screen and license term acceptance. Accepting the license terms asks for my credentials, and proving my credentials asks me to accept the license again. I have reset my password and logged into the forum again to confirm that the credentials I supply is correct. Exiting from the application and opening it again does not get me anywhere.

    Please help since at the moment I cannot start Architect at all.

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    nbester -

    Sorry you're having this issue. We'd like to get you up and running ASAP. Did you uninstall Sencha Designer?

    Send us an email at designer.feeback at so we can go through your system configuration and help you out in your individual situation.

    Aaron Conran

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    I had this problem too... I think it was due to my WI-FI connection at the time of install. So, I just closed the (looping) activation page and reopened. It worked fine from there on.
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    I had the same issue.
    Uninstalling Designer 2.x and installing Architect 2.x solves it for me.

    Designer 2 was showing a 1.0 licence screen, while architect was showing something like 1.7

    Currently i opened new threads concerning issues...

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    I un-installed my version, downloaded the latest binary and installed that. All is fine now.

    What I did notice was that the license terms I got challenged to accept was different in the two versions. There might be some issues in upgrading from the latest Designer 2.0 to the now, Architect 2.0

    The friendly email with my license key told me to just register my current version, so you might want to encourage people to go through the uninstall install cycle if they get issues.


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