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Thread: Project Inspector: Left or Right?

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    Default Project Inspector: Left or Right?

    It's been a few weeks since you had the option of moving the project inspector on the left of the workspace. We are considering if we should make that the default arrangement, or we should keep the inspector where it is to leave more space for the toolbox.

    on the left:
    Inspector on the left.jpg

    on the right:
    Inspector on the right.jpg

    p.s.: asking for dockable panels is not an option at the moment, but we're aware they exist.

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    Much prefer the "left option".

    I like being able to see the whole tree on one side but having the properties on the other. It doesn't leave much space for the toolbox of components but that's not really necessary anyway.

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    Since day one it's been on the right. Which means for everyone who has been using the designer for awhile that is what we are used to. I say leave the default being the right. If it's an option people who want it on the left can set it there.

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    I voted 'on the left' because I prefer seeing as much components in the inspector as possible, without re-sizing the property window (which ya need as well!).

    Having it on the left (or at least; somewhere else than the property inspector) allows this. I normally re-size the small info panel on the bottom left to be as small as possible; it's not very useful once you know most components (or have a browser tab open with the docs)

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