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    I was wondering about this the other day and thought that maybe someone here may have an answer. What is the legality of using ajax to receive content from another website? For example, if I created an app with Ext that retrieved information from about their products/prices/etc. Would that be illegal in any way?

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    That's totally up to the site your pulling content from and varies from site to site.

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    Thanks for the quick reply!

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    Amazon has an api... they want you to do that (more sales)... it's not advisable to scrape content from other sites, as in some counties it's illegal (ie: copyright)

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    It is never illegal to retrieve information from a public site.

    It may be a violation of copyright to re-use it for purposes
    not protected by law (eg. comment/criticism, satire, etc). If you do not
    share the data, you avoid all of these problems.

    Yes, it's complicated, and that's the real problem.
    --dan (who is not a lawyer )

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