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Thread: Form Field Focus Issues

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    Default Form Field Focus Issues

    I have been working with many sencha apps and found few common issues with form fields behaviors.
    Right now I am working with sencha commercial and still facing the same issues.

    (1) On click of clear icon I am not able to see Placeholder again and also focus is lost from that field so no cursor is available there to start typing again.

    (2) On focus of any field placeholder disappears that should not be done, placeholder should be there till user starts typing.

    (3) I can see 2 cursors on the fields of the same form at a time, so its hard to identify which field is having correct focus.

    (4) If I set tabindex for the fields then also I am not able to see first/next buttons on keyboard to navigate through all the form fields.

    Note : All the above mentioned issues works well on browser but not supported in Android devices. I had also try to run sencha forms example in device but behaves same with mentioned issues.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    1. This happens on iOS also. Something that we could probably work out, only hiccup is that mobile browsers don't always like you forcing them to focus or blur on fields.
    2. This sounds like a browser issue. iOS/Chrome/Safari do not show this behavior.
    3. This definitely sounds like a browser issue.
    4. Once again, sounds like a browser issue. This works on iOS/Chrome/Safari.

    Here is the code I tested this with:

    new Ext.Container({
        fullscreen : true,
        html       : '<input placeholder="Regular input" tabindex=3 />',
        items      : [
                xtype       : 'textfield',
                placeHolder : 'Test',
                tabIndex    : 2
                xtype       : 'textfield',
                placeHolder : 'Test 2',
                tabIndex    : 1
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I am using phonegap 1.5 with sencha, so is it creating some problems with such form fields?

    This is something very serious issues and that is turning out to be bad impression on clients also by serving application developed applications in Sencha.

    Is there any quick solutions for this issues?

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    The first issue is covered here as well and I am interested in hearing about a solution for this. Why does the focus move to another field? Is that an iOS bug?

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