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Thread: Ext GWT Bug Template

    Thank you for reporting this bug. We will make it our priority to review this report.
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    Default Ext GWT Bug Template

    Thanks for testing the prerelease builds of Ext GWT 3. Your feedback has been indispensable to us throughout development, and we really appreciate your help in identifying bugs.

    To help get bugs into our system and ironed out quickly, we have a bug template that we recommend you use when filing a bug.

    To use this template,
    1. Copy the contents of the following code block into a new thread,
    2. Replace anything between « … » with your own bug information.

    Using this template helps us more quickly skim your reports, extract the necessary details, validate the problem, and file the bug against the right engineer.

    [size=+2]Required Information[/size]
    [size=+1][b]Version(s) of Ext GWT[/b][/size]
    «Ext GWT 3.0 Release Candidate»
    [size=+1][b]Browser versions and OS[/b][/size]
    [b](and desktop environment, if applicable)[/b]
    [*]«Internet Explorer 8, Windows 7»
    [*]«Firefox 10, OS X 10.7»
    [*]«Chrome 17, Windows XP, Aston Shell»
    [*]«Firefox 11, Ubuntu 10.04, GNOME»
    [size=+1][b]Virtual Machine[/b][/size]
    «Describe the problem in greater detail here, summarizing the behavior.»
    [size=+1][b]Run mode[/b][/size]
    «Whether the bug occurs in development mode, production mode, or both»
    [size=+1][b]Steps to reproduce the problem[/b][/size]
    [*] Start running in development mode in Eclipse
    [*] Open app in browser
    [*] «Click the second row in the grid»
    [*] «…»
    [size=+1][b]Expected result[/b][/size]
    «What would have happened in correct operation»
    [size=+1][b]Actual result[/b][/size]
    «What you observed to happen instead»
    [size=+1][b]Test case[/b][/size]
    «A simplified code sample demonstrating the problem.»
    «Your code sample should implement EntryPoint.»
    [size=+2]Helpful Information[/size]
    [size=+1][b]Screenshot or video[/b][/size]
    [*]«Link to attachment»
    [size=+1][b]Live test[/b][/size]
    «[url]http://…[/url] Address for a test case for this bug on a running server»
    [size=+1][b]Debugging already done[/b][/size]
    [size=+1][b]Possible fix[/b][/size]
    «Not provided»
    Special note for users of the rich text editor: This bug template is very difficult to use with the rich text editor. I recommend you use the standard text editor when filing a bug. You can change your default editor in your forum settings, or you can temporarily switch to the standard text editor by appending &wysiwyg=0 to the URL of the editor. Or, use the following link.

    File a bug in Sencha GXT 3
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    Here's a sample report:

    Required Information

    Version(s) of Ext GWT
    3.0 Release Candidate

    Browser versions and OS
    (and desktop environment, if applicable)
    • Internet Explorer 8, Windows 7

    Virtual Machine

    Clicking a button causes an exception to be thrown.

    Run mode
    Development mode

    Steps to reproduce the problem
    1. </i>
    2. Start running in development mode in Eclipse
    3. Open app in browser
    4. Click the button

    Expected result
    Nothing. No handlers have been added.

    Actual result
    An exception appears in the development mode console.

    Test case
    public class Test implements EntryPoint {
      public void onModuleLoad() {
        RootPanel.get().add(new TextButton("Hello"));
    Helpful Information

    Screenshot or video
    • «Link to attachment»

    Live test
    «http://… Address for a test case for this bug on a running server»

    Debugging already done
    • «none»

    Possible fix
    «Not provided»

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