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Thread: > 20 cols Grid data messed up. IE 7.

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    Default > 20 cols Grid data messed up. IE 7.

    I have a grid that is editable and is generated by the user based on DB tables. When the grid contains more than 20 editable columns the data and column header in column 0 is all messed up. The rendering appears to be overlapped. I thought this was caused by my code but then I altered the array-table example by duplicating column 1 20 times and changing its definition to use the yg.TextEditor. Same rendering problem.

    Any ideas other than limiting my grid to have less than 20 editable columns?


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    I believe Jack is working on this for the 0.4 release -- check the Development Discussion forums.. there is a thread where he talks about the new additions for grids..

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    Did you add css entries for columns numbered above 20, as described in multiple places?

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    As described in the sticky in the top of this forum?

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    Ahh,Thanks. Silly me.

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