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Thread: [2.0.1RC] Native build seem to be broken

    Success! Looks like we've fixed this one. According to our records the fix was applied for TOUCH-2671 in a recent build.
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    Its an iPhone 4 (not S)
    and also not working with 'new iPad'

    Certificates are all valid. Does anyone feel like remotly trying to get this run for us? Our Sencha touch developer is out of all his tricks....
    We're in GMT+1 (currently 11:30) and are available until 16:00 (GMT+1)
    Best would be TeamViewer + Skype.
    Lets say 100$ / hour if successful, 50$/hour on failure, minimal payment 50$

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    Did you do the following

    1. Download and install latest builder

    . Create a sample app

    sencha generate app MyApp /Users/anand/Sites/mobile/MyApp -l all

    3. Move your app into sample app structure

    4. Then update packager.json with properties for iOS and do

    sencha app build native

    What I found is ensure that you follow all names, and directory structures properly and this works (i test on Mac OS with Lion)

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    Damn you....
    We've got it on iPad & iPhone! Great advice.
    Will write you PM for our 'thank you'-transfer. We really appreciate your advice!

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    Btw: has anybody found out, why when packaging native, its only taking the specified icon.png into the package, and not all the rest ? (@2x etc)

    In packager.json we have iconName resources/icons/Icon.png and all the other icons are correctly named there (example [email protected])

    The splash-screens seems to all load more or less correctly (except that on iphone its displaying the ipad startup splash for some reason)

    Regards, Graem

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    Ah finally my first helping :

    Go to xcode (latest version)
    open some project or make a new one (that you have the project window visible)
    top right hand, klick 'Organizer'
    you will then see in the left list of the new window, all your devices.
    Connect your device, and you will able to see that more options appear like device log for example.

    Did it work?

    P.s. can somebody still give me a hint about the highres icons that are not 'packaged' it only takes icon.png, but not the @2x ones for example ?

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    Sorry for dumb question. How does one get to this Device Log?

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    see my previous entry just before yours, somehow my reply was posted before your question

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    Default sencha app build native

    sencha app build native

    I used phone gap but now i am using Sencha Native packaging as per the documentation,

    >> sencha app build native

    On Windows.

    It is generating a Folder instead of the .PLIST which i need to upload to the App store.

    Any one having this issue ??? Please shed some light..

    Thanks, Nag

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    on the mac/ios all applications are folders with .app extensions, to upload it to the app store all you need to do is compress to zip this folder and use Application Loader to upload the application

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for your super fast response.

    I am building on Windows.

    Can i zip it as .plist ?

    Tks, nag

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