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Thread: Ext.Array.sort not truly stable in Chrome

    You found a bug! We've classified it as EXTJS-5801 . We encourage you to continue the discussion and to find an acceptable workaround while we work on a permanent fix.
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    Default Ext.Array.sort not truly stable in Chrome

    I originally posted this under the thread "Tree Node Ordering", but I'm not sure that thread's still active (and the bug really isn't limited to tree node order) so I'm re-posting here...

    The problem is that Ext's logic for detecting the presence of a stable sort won't work for Chrome. Chrome actually uses 2 different sort algorithms: a stable algorithm for small arrays, and a non-stable (quicksort) algorithm for large ones. According to my tests, a "small" array has <= 10 elements. Ext's test uses only 5 elements, and hence, detects Chrome's sort algorithm as stable; most grids, unfortunately, will have more than 5 nodes, resulting in a broken (unstable) sort...

    Note that there was actually a bug opened against the V8 JS engine for this in 2008, but the bug status is "WorkingAsIntended". Here's the thread:

    I created the following workaround for my own usage, but I would suggest that the number of elements used in the Ext test needs to be increased...

            // Caveat: This method returns a stable-sorted copy of the original array; unlike builtin and Ext sort,
            // it does NOT modify the original!!!
            Ext.Array.trulyStableSortCopy = function(a, fn) {
                var i = 0,
                    fnw = function(a, b) {
                        var res = fn(a.v, b.v);
                        return res !== 0 ? res : a.i - b.i;
              , function(v) {
                            return { i: i++, v: v };
                        }), fnw),
                    function(v) { return v.v; });
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    Thanks for the report.
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