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Thread: Pull to refresh.

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    Default Pull to refresh.

    So I've got pull to refresh on a couple of my lists. Everything is working fine but the functionality of it doesn't seem quite right.

    For example, currently it's
    1.) pull down
    2.) release
    3.) pull to refresh box slides back up
    4.) a few seconds later the data updates.

    I feel like 3 & 4 should be reversed. the refresh timestamp and loader disappearing make me feel like the data update is done. When in fact it is not.

    Is this is intentional for some reason I'm unaware of, can it be changed?

    I've not messed with plug-ins at all yet, but would love to change this if I could. I want the user to know hold until the data is updated.

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    This is how the PullRefresh plugin has been developed. You can change it, loadStore method of the PullFresh is where it does the fetching and the scrolling. You can move the scrolling to the end of onLatestFetched method
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    Per Michell's advice above I've created a revised version of the PullRefresh.js included in the Sencha 2.0 sdk.

    For more info you can find the revision at:

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