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Thread: Issue with Sencha Touch 1.x running on Android 2.1

    Looks like we can't reproduce the issue or there's a problem in the test case provided.
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    Default Issue with Sencha Touch 1.x running on Android 2.1


    I have developed Sencha Touch1.x application. The application consists of more than 10 views. I'm trying to port it on to Android 2.1, but the UI components get mesh up with each other and the functionality goes unusable.

    The same app was tried on Android 2.3.3, it was working fine.

    Does Sencha Touch 1.x has any limitation on Android 2.1?


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    ST does not support Android 2.1
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    Default index.html not loading


    i am using the sencha touch SDK and touch 2.0, i have build it for android v2.3.3 (10), i was successfully deploy the application to emulator, but when application is starting it is not loading the index.html.

    can u guide me if this is a issue with android version or should i assign the entry point in my config file?


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