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Thread: which event for caturing TriggerField text?

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    Default which event for caturing TriggerField text?

    I am subclassing TriggerField, so that

    1. form submission takes the hiddenValue, if any
    2. if no hiddenValue, take the text.

    I can not figure out how the form gets the hidden value from the subclassed widget. it did not call getValue(). what I tried to do is, whenever the user types in some text, I set hidden value to the input text using the onBlur event. however, if the user clicks the submit button right after typing some text, then the null hidden value gets submitted right away, before it gets a chance to picks up the text value.

    my question is:
    1. is there a better event which allows me to set the hidden value before the form submits.
    2. is there a better way overall, to make sure the form either gets the hidden value or the input text?


    I used delayTask to set the value. It worked!

    I still like to know if there is a way to trap when form fetched value from the component.
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