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Thread: how to position dialog windows and other windows?

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    Default how to position dialog windows and other windows?

    Well, Im developing an app with a nice gui, and the widget windows are using the Ext 2.0 Window class, and I cant seem to figure out how to position those windows on the screen. Does anyone know how to do this? Also I would like to save their positions so that when a page is refreshed, all the windows are at their same status. Can someone help with that too?

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    Please don't bump your threads an hour after posting. You'll get an answer when someone has a chance to read your thread and has answer.

    Have you read the API doc for the Window class - there are methods included for positioning.

    As for saving state, look at the state.Manager class - the examples show how to initialize it. The Window class may not save all the state info you need, but it can be extended to meet your needs.

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    Yes, I read the Window api docs, but I couldnt find a positioning method or variable..

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    Well I found it, i never looked in the methods.

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