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Thread: Removing number formatting from numberfield

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    Question Removing number formatting from numberfield


    I want to place a textfield for the user to capture his phone number. As I want a numeric keypad to appear, I was looking to implement a numberfield.

    The first problem is that maxLength doesn't work, so I implemented a listener to overcome that.

    However my issue now is that on Safari Browser the numberfield formats automatically the resulting value with thousands separator.

    I guess that this behavior is because of the browser implementation of number imput, but is there any way to disable this formatting from sencha configurations?

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you want special formatting then you could go with a textfield and prevent keys to be typed in a keydown listener stopping the event.
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    Hi mitchel,

    Thanks, the problem is that the formatting occurs when the textfield loses focus or when I use setValue().

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