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Thread: Hidden TabBar leaves empty space

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    Default Hidden TabBar leaves empty space

    I have TabBar added to application in my viewport. I also have login page on which I don't want to show the tabbar. I use the Ext.getCmp('TabBar').hide() to hide the tabbar. It is working since this docked item is not visible. However if I scroll my login page, I see that the content dissapear earlier than it should.

    I have also noticed, that the error is visible in dom tree:

    I hope you can see in the above example, there is a #mainPanel that contains both #TabBar div, and another div #ext-gen1004 that containt the actual form.
    I think the problem is with the #ext-gen1004 div, it looks like Sencha is not refreshing the height of the element. I tried access this element and call doComponentLayout() on it, but I couldn't get it. Calling Ext.getCmp('ext-gen1004') just throws undefined error...
    After resizing window everything starts to work just fine.
    Can anybody help me on that one?
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    Try executing doComponentLayout on the tab panel after you hide or show it. Does that help?
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    Well, I do not have TabPanel . I use some extension TabBarMvc to resolve controller/action urls and I use simple panels. I tried to call doComponentLayout on the formPanel but it didn't work

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