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Thread: Ext Tree and JSON-RPC

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    Default Ext Tree and JSON-RPC


    I am trying Ext Tree right now, and wanted to obtain my data using JSON-RPC. JSON-RPC is an Ajax Java Framework that allows you easily call your java functions via AJAX. Therefore, you need to make a specific HTTP POST call containing a JSON msg.

    This is a correct HTTP POST params to my JSON-RPC Servlet in Firebug:
    {"id": 1, "method": "system.listMethods", "params": []}
    So i need to make a call via Ext Tree Loader so that HTTP POST params look like the one above. I don't know if this is possible. It always adds a node param with value source
    node source
    Any ideas of hos to do this for Ext.TreeLoader????

    Thank you!!!

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    Default tree before load

    You can add parameters send when clicking a leaf
    tree.loader.on("beforeload", function(treeLoader, node) {
                treeLoader.baseParams.node_id = node.attributes.node_id;
                treeLoader.baseParams.child_id = node.attributes.child_id;
                treeLoader.baseParams.invent = node.attributes.invent;
    The above code adds value's to some baseParams in the tree loader before the tree loader loads the url. Maybe you can use this to add the id etc.

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    Thank you for answer damien, but i think i have not explained well enough.
    Is in the first load, when i have no leafs in my tree, and i want to load them from a specific url, when i am having troubles.

    All i need is being able to send a HTTP POST request to an url sending following parameter:
    extracted from FireBug

    {"id": 1, "method": "system.listMethods", "params": []}
    How can i do that using dataUrl from Ext Tree Loader ?

    So i want that the request made by TreeLoader holds an unique parameter, that is a JSON Object/Element.

    Any suggestions??

    Thank you!!!

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    im also having this problem. anyones got any advice so far?

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