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Thread: Paging refresh is not working with memory proxy

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    Question Paging refresh is not working with memory proxy


    I have a grid with paging toolbar and the store's proxy is of type memory proxy.

    When i click on the refresh button of the paging toolbar every time an empty row is added.

    The store config has "clearOnPageLoad" set to false.

    Can we use the refresh option with memory proxy ??


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    You should use PagingMemory proxy that is in the /examples/ux/ directory.
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    Question not showing the data in the grid with paging memory proxy

    I have tried using the PagingMemoryProxy, but the grid shows empty without any records. While debugging i can see the data in the gird's store but not sure why the data is not rendered to the grid. If I change the proxy type to "memory" from "pagingmemory" then i can see the data rendered within the grid.

    Please give me any pointers to proceed.


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