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Thread: Grid buffered/infinite scrolling in 4.1

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    My solution was switch to "beforeprefetch" event:

    PHP Code:

    beforeprefetch: function (storeoperationopts) {

    Ext.apply(operation, {
    params: {

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    Tree expand and Search

    Please see my requirements as below :

    Consider am having 5 nodes. Each node contains 3 hierarchical level. If we expand a node it wil show around 80 rows. So if we expand all the 5 nodes it will 450 rows. In this case by default I want to expand all the nodes in the initial view. When i tried calling the expandAll method, it shows script error in IE and Firefox. I implemented buffered renderer plugin in the tree. It works fine. Is there any way to expand all the nodes without using buffered render plugin and defer function.

    And i am also having a requirement like search text box for the tree. So when i tried to implement both buffered render and sarching functionlity , then the extjs tree fails. It does not provide such a option.

    Is there any extjs developer or any guy in SENCHA to solve my issue.?

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    Default Making is not working

    While getting a data from the server the loadMask is not loading and grid is just blank . please help me to sort this problem.

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    I appreciate this is an old thread but it seems the best place to ask the following questions:

    1. Are we required to declare the leading and trailing buffer zones on both the Store *and* the grid's vertical scroller?
    2. Are we best keeping those values the same in both places?

    Supplemental: does all this work well when considering that users may have different size screens and in a scenario where your grid is fullscreen, they will have a different number of rows available in the viewing area?

    (we're using 4.1.1 for now)

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    Default Not working in fiddle

    When I remove the comment slashes before buffered in this fiddle:

    nothing renders to the screen


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