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Thread: Deprecating getEl - Input appreciated

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    "getLite" is a horrible name -- it implies little about what is returned and would be confusing to someone who does know patterns. "getFly" implies exactly what it does (which is more than just a "lite" version -- it's actually a "lite" shared instance, which is different).

    "CompositeElement" also implies something about what it is (i.e. Composite pattern). Lack of knowledge about patterns is not a good reason to advocate not using patterns. The best way to increase the general knowledge of patterns in the development community is for people like Jack to use them (with appropriate naming standards), and Jack does a fantastic job of this in Ext.

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    I agree with Brian, I am not a big fan of getLite() either.

    I actually really like fly(), you really don't like it? It's short (which is good because I use it everywhere), and to be honest, get() is so fast in the new version most users won't need to use fly() anyway. Those that do should have to understand exactly what it is and what it does. That understanding is important to prevent 100 bug reports of elements no longer functioning.

    FYI, CompositeElementLite was a temp name that somehow stuck because it made it way into SVN.

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