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Thread: Big speed improvment : add the position:fixed in css

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    Default Big speed improvment : add the position:fixed in css

    Hello everybody,

    I would to improve sencha touch wich is a very great framework with a big improvement.

    I want to implement the position:fixed in css to enhance the fluidity and remove the transform 3d property which is useless for our needs.

    As you know when you want to fix a topbar and a bottombar in a normal website you use the position:fixed in css to fix these elements.

    Why this is not the same in Sencha?

    position:fixed is supported in Android 2.2+, Blackberry 6/7 and Ios so there is no technical limitation to do that.

    So we decide with my team to implement the functionality but we are beginners in sencha and we don't know the architecture of the framework.

    So my question is simple, Who has an idea, a way to add this functionality.

    We are ready to implement this functionality but a little help for the way to implement it will be very cool.

    Thanks to the community.

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    docked items won't enable you to use a top or bottom docked toolbar?
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    We don't use position: fixed for many reasons. First of all, if you want multiple scrollable areas, which happens a lot on tablets, but even on phone applications (think of a picker for example), position: fixed does not provide any way to support that. Second, there is no way to get any events or feedback from a natively scrolling window, thus it would be impossible for us to for example have the swapping headers on lists or snapping in scrollers. Thirdly, having a vertical scrolling list in a horizontal carousel, among many other scenarios, would just be plain impossible.

    I would also like to say that we don't use transform 3d on every platform, but adjust our strategy for performance reasons on each specific device. We use a combination of scrollTop/scrollLeft, top/left, transform3d and transform2d.

    Finally, I think it's in your best interest to not persue this endeavor. Architecturally it will be impossible to implement position: fixed into ST2 in a way that still allows you to still create highly dynamic, interactive and native feeling applications and will most likely just cost you lots of time with no results. Believe me when I say that we have tried this internally as well, and thats why we made the very conscious decision to implement our own scrolling solution.

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