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Thread: how to debug

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    Question how to debug

    I am learning Sencha Touch right now and I'm using xcode4.3. My question is how are people debugging their javascript? If I have a mistake in my code, is there a way to set a breakpoint and step through code and examine variables?


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    Hi Nick,

    The only way to debug your JS code is to insert the console.log statements to your code.

    You'll be able to see the console.log messages printed on the Output window on Xcode IDE.

    I'm really not sure if any such debugging tool/plugin available in Xcode to debug your JS code.


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    Default Use Safari browser

    why to user xcode4 ...and etc...

    If u r developing application with sencha touch then user safari browser 5.0 onwarads...It' a good environment to debug js code ...because we have web tool kit support init... To enable debug in safari plz choose settings of browser and enable development menu in that....thats all....I think my might be useful for you...we r doing like this in our company....

    All the best..
    Sameer Khan

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