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Thread: Extjs 4 Intellisense support on Visual Studio 2010.

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    Question Extjs 4 Intellisense support on Visual Studio 2010.

    I'm new to ExtJs and are trying to get ExtJs 4 intellisense to work on Visual Studio 2010.

    Did some research myself earlier which mostly lead me to dead end like suggesting other editors (e.g eclipse, netbean). Is it possible to get Visual Studio to have Extjs intellisense? I understand ExtJs is not using vsdoc but is there any community generated vsdoc?

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    Not that I have seen. I use IntelliJ IDEA and it works great fro that (although I turn it off personally)
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    @mitchellsimoens, thanks for the suggestion.

    I took a look at IntellisJ IDEA but it wasn't something that I needs. I'm a .net developer and I'm trying to use ExtJs along with ASP.NET MVC3 and I'm developing on Visual Studio 2010 Professional.

    Though I can still develop without full intellisense on VS2010 but having full ExtJs intellisense support on VS2010 would really make the development more productive and enjoyable. Would Sencha be so kind to provide a fix for this? I'm sure plenty of .net developers out there would appreciate this (as I seen similar request on the forum too).


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    Have you put

    /// <reference path="extjs/ext-debug.js" />

    (adjust path as appropriate!)

    At the top of your JS files, to help the intellisense? And there's a VS extension to add a few useful features:

    but it's still not great, I don't think the experience will ever be as good as with a more static language like C#)

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    @john76543, yes, i have tried adding reference. Like what you have mentioned, the intellisense is not as good as c#. For example, threre is no autocomplete even for "Ext".

    Downloaded the JSrcipt Editor extension that you suggested and are using it. LOVE it. THANKS!

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    is there a plugin for InteliJ IDEA for EXT JS4?

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