How do I learn how to use Designer 2?

We are working on documentation, but in the meantime there's a few resources that can get you started:
  1. First Look at Sencha Designer 2
  2. In Designer 2, click on the "Help" icon in the main toolbar (to the right)
Where can I find examples of projects built with Designer 2?
Will feature X be included in Designer?

We can't comment on future releases, but we appreciate your suggestions. Just don't ask about dates because you won't receive an answer, no exceptions.

What is a Controller?

Controllers are responsible for responding to events that occur within your app. If your app contains a Logout button that your user can tap on, a Controller would listen to the Button's tap event and take the appropriate action. It allows the View classes to handle the display of data and the Model classes to handle the loading and saving of data - the Controller is the glue that binds them together.

What is a Controller Reference?

This is the preferred way to create getters for your controllers. A component query selector determines how to get a component and the ref is used to create a method called getXXXX().

What is a Basic Function?

This is just adding a function to the class which you are creating. A basic function needs a name, can have parameters. You then have code in the function body (editable in the code editor). [You can double click to edit]

What is a Basic Event Binding?

This is an event binding to a particular component. The name property dictates which event you are binding to (ie tap, click, dblclick, selectionchange, etc). The fn is the name of the function to create. You then have code in the function body (editable in the code editor). [You can double click to edit]

What is a Controller Action?

This is responding to an event through a controller. It is an "upgraded" form of a Basic Event BInding. It requires a component query as a selector, a targetType which tells the Designer what types of components the query will be returning and all of the other attributes in a Basic Event Binding.

What is a Delegate Event Binding?

This is a special feature in touch 2.0 which allows you to delegate event binding to a specific container. The configurations required are similar to the Controller Action. If you are familiar with DOM event delegation this is the same concept but just for components.

What is an Application Action?

This allows controllers to subscribe to Application wide events. It requires the same configurations as a Basic Event Binding does.