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Thread: I need help !!! update operation in row-edit !!! necassary !!!

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    Default I need help !!! update operation in row-edit !!! necassary !!!

    i have a grid (row-edit) and it doesn't send any update request ....
    my code is here :

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    Default FYI

    Cries or demands for help won't encourage people to do your work for you... Nor will adding a series of exclaimation (!) marks to your title and statements.
    Perfection as a goal is a nice idea that can point one in a specific direction. However, since "perfection" is an ever changing (evolving?) and moving target, one must admit that perfection can never be obtained...

    When in doubt, check the d4mn source code!
    And here are my terms...

    1. I don't care if you use my source code. (Known as "Code.")
    2. I don't care if I get any monetary compensation.
    3. I do care to receive credit for Code provided. So, please keep my name in the comments for Code provided.
    4. Code is provided without warranty "AS-IS" and I claim absolutely no warranty nor liability to the quality, security, and run-ability on any platform.
    5. By using Code, you accept all risk inherit with Code regardless if Code has known and yet to be discovered bugs.
    6. You are welcome to change and improve the Code to best meet your needs.
    7. I don't care if you use the Code in a commercial or open-source project.
    8. You are not required to contact me prior to using the Code.

    Simple. Enjoy.

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