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Thread: Ext.ux.LiveGrid

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    Default Ext.ux.LiveGrid

    Edit 16.07.2014

    Version 0.8.3 (GPL)


    - enhancement: added method "wasLastRequestSuccessful()" which tells whether the most recent request was successful or not

    Version 0.8.2 (GPL)


    - enhancement: provided enhanced functionality to try to rebuffer a grid if
    any buffer request fails; added fallbacks for grid view's properties in
    case loading/buffer operation was not successfull, so functionality doesn't
    - enhancement: made sure livegrid's store contents get removed before the load
    operation is triggered
    - fixed: fixed an issue where the grid view would try to render its body,
    although no data is available
    - fixed: fixed an issue where the scroll position of the grid would be applied
    from the browser's internal cache, but it shouldn't
    - fixed: fixed an issue where the starting parameter for an erroneous loaded
    state of a grid would not be calculated properly
    - enhancement: added "reloadFromState()" method as a convenient way to reload a
    grid from a given state
    - enhancement: updated copyright information; enhanced toolbar to give more
    information about the state of load-/buffer-operations

    Version 0.8.1 (GPL)


    - fixed: fixed an issue where in rare cases "-1" would be sent to the attached data storage as the "start" parameter for the requested range

    Version 0.8 (GPL)


    - enhancement: livegrid is now staful, thus able to restore selections and scroll position upon load

    Version 0.7.1 (GPL)


    - fixed: fixed an issue where references to selected records would get lost after reloading or sorting the store

    Version 0.7 (GPL)


    - fixed: fixed an issue where inserting data would not work properly if the sorting is in ascending order and the very last record of the whole dataset represented is viewed
    - enhancement: added support for store's "paramNames" configuration options
    - enhancement: added event "insertindexfound" to store to notify interested components of the insert index of a record the store will use. Attached listener can change this value before the store uses it for updating it's internal data set

    Version 0.6.1 (GPL)


    - fixed: (Store.js) fixed an issue where sortData() would not
    be working with ExtJS 3.4

    Version 0.6 (GPL)


    - enhancement: (GridView.js) brought full 3.4 support by fixing an issue where drag zones would not be properly instantiated. Removed renderUi() override. Added optional argument to reset() in case reset reloads the data, sicne changes with 3.4 in store's load() method would not carry references for options.params around. It is recommended to not rely on setting the params in the beforeload listener as thiese params would not persist.

    Version 0.5.1RC1, 0.4.2RC1 (GPL)


    V0.5.1RC1, V0.4.2RC1
    - fixed: (GridView.js) fixed an issue where selections not currently in the buffer would get accidently removed once the grid gets reset
    - enhancement: added CheckboxSelectionModel.js to be able to use a checkboxselection with Ext.ux.Livegrid

    Version 0.5 (GPL)


    - enhancement: (GridView.js) added compatibility for use with Ext 3.3


    - fixed: (Store.js) fixed an issue where the "selectionsProxy" would call a
    method that was marked deprecated since Ext 3.0
    - enhancement: (GridView.js) splitted "liveScrolleInset" into 3 divs which
    fixes issues when a large number of data should be shown in the grid; this
    prevents incapabilities of browsers which define max heights for HTML Elements

    Edit 11.07.2009

    Version 0.3.1 (GPL)


    11-July 2009
    - fixed: (GridView.js) load mask would steal focus from scrollbar in some broswers
    - fixed: (GridView.js) (suspendLoadEvent) would not be properly reset after buffering,
    which would not remove the loadMask
    - enhancement: removed "loadMaskConfig" property and instead delegated loadmask
    configuration to loadMask cfg property; simplified "showLoadMask" method
    - enhancement: allowed for re-rendering the rows if the store is pre-buffering
    - enhancement: "load" event from the store would still fire even if the store
    would only buffer; added "suspendLoadEvent" to the list of options so the store does suspend
    its events once a buffer finished (see

    Version 0.3RC2 (GPL)

    Edit 07.12.2008

    Version 0.3RC2 (GPL)


    - fixed: (GridView.js) "renderUI()" would not set "this.dragZone" properly if
    drag & drop is enabled for the GridView's grid
    - fixed: (make.bat, naming issues for debug-build resolved; enhanced
    check if argument was submitted

    Edit 23.11.2008

    Version 0.3RC1 (GPL)


    - enhancement: added build tools for creating minified deployable versions of
    - enhancement: (GridView.js) the rowIndex argument of the column's renderer will
    now pass the value of the index of the row as available in the view, i.e. as defined
    in the row's rowIndex property, which adds support for Ext.grid.RowNumberer
    - fixed: (GridView.js) fixed a bug where "getPredictedBufferIndex()" would not
    compute the next rowIndex for a request properly, leading to an endless loop
    - enhancement: (GridView.js, RowSelectionModel.js) removed override of "onRefresh()"
    to keep selections after a refresh or sort occured, if, and only if those records are
    returned by the response; removed custom call to selection model's "clearSelections()"
    in the GridView's "reset()" method
    - enhancement: intercepted "autoLoad" property of Ext.ux.grid.livegrid.Store to make
    sure the store gets only loaded if the view has been rendered, if the store's autoLoad
    property was set to "true"

    Edit 01.11.2008

    Version 0.3a4 (GPL)


    - fixed: (EditorGridPanel.js) call to "startEditing()" would throw error if the
    requested index in the view is not currently representing a record; overrode
    method for checking if record to edit is available
    - enhancement: (GridView.js) adjusted behavior of "ensureVisible()" to scroll a
    requested cell horizontally into view

    Version 0.3a3 (GPL)


    - fixed: (Toolbar.js) when passing the grid as config parameter, the immediate
    call to "bind" would throw an error since the views's "ds" property is not available

    Version 0.3a2 (GPL)


    - enhancement: (Toolbar.js) config object allows now to specify either the grid
    or the view the toolbar is bound to
    - fixed: (Store.js) "getAt()" would return "-1" if the data at the passed index
    could not be found in some cases; changed to return type "undefined"
    - fixed: (GridView.js) overrode method "getCell()" to return "null" if the row
    for the specified index could not be found
    - fixed: firing of event "cursormove" would happen before "replaceLiveRows()"
    has taken care of re-assigning the rowIndex to the rows in the view which could
    lead to errors; adjusted method and made sure that "replaceLiveRows()" is called
    - enhancement: (EditorGridPanel.js, GridPanel.js) added basic support for using
    cell editors for the Livegrid (EditorGridPanel-support)
    - enhancement: (ext-ux-livegrid.css, DragZone.js) minor code cleanups, changed
    css class "x-dd-drop-waiting" to "ext-ux-livegrid-drop-waiting"
    - enhancement: (GridView.js) added method "getRow()", removed overriden method
    "onCellSelect()", "onCellDeselect()", "onRowOver()", "onRowOut()" and changed
    arguments for call of methods that operate on Html-elements in the view to pass
    the model index as specified in the elements "rowIndex"-property, which will get
    translated internally to the html-element's index in the view, for broadening
    compatibility to other plugins/exension, such as the EditorGridPanel
    - enhancement: (GridView.js) changed behavior of "processRows()" to paint the selections
    if the third argument does not equal to "false"
    - enhancement: (RowSelectionModel.js) added method "deselectRecord()" to deselect a record
    that is already selected in the model
    - enhancement: (GridView.js) added method "isRecordRendered()" to check whether the passed
    record is currently within the visible rect of the grid's view
    - enhancement: removed programmatically invoking scroll in IE when the grid is rendered,
    since this was fixed due to the css changes in a previously version
    - fixed: (RowSelectionModel.js) method "isSelected()" would lose it's original argument
    while processing it, which could lead to erroneous behavior

    Edit 29.09.2008:


    - fixed: (GridView.js) missing call to "isBuffering = true" in "updateLiveRows()"
    made the component to ignore a previously set queue and request new data immediately

    Version 0.3a1 (GPL)

    - enhancement: added Ext 2.2 compatibility, refactored code, changed ui to match
    Ext style
    - License changed from LGPL to GPL
    - enhancement: changed namespace to "Ext.ux.grid.livegrid":
      |        old name                       |          new name                      |
      | Ext.ux.grid.BufferedGridView          | Ext.ux.grid.livegrid.GridView          |
      | Ext.ux.BufferedGridToolbar            | Ext.ux.grid.livegrid.Toolbar           |
      | Ext.ux.grid.BufferedGridDragZone      | Ext.ux.grid.livegrid.DragZone          |
      |        | Ext.ux.grid.livegrid.JsonReader        |
      | Ext.ux.grid.BufferedRowSelectionModel | Ext.ux.grid.livegrid.RowSelectionModel |
      | Ext.ux.grid.BufferedStore             | Ext.ux.grid.livegrid.Store             |
    - fixed: rows would not be striped properly when grid panel's "stripeRows" property
    is set to true
    - fixed: rendering bug of the vertical scrollbar in IE7 did not trigger the scroll
    event to small; set min height to two times of horizontalScrollOffset property
    - fixed: vertical scrollbar would disappear in FF3 if the size of the viewport gets
    to small; set min height to two times of horizontalScrollOffset property
    - fixed: view would not always calculate the grid's size leading to errors when it
    should decide whether the horizontal scrollbar is shown
    - enhancement: added "bulkRemove()" method and "bulkremove" event to store, added
    "bulkremove"-listener to BufferedGridView
    - fixed: (RowSelectionModel.js) added a property for mapping already
    selected records to their view index, so that the position of records, which are
    no longer in the store, can still be referenced. Added support for removing and
    shifting selections if a record was removed that is not part of the store, but
    still could be referenced using the map
    - fixed: (Store.js) when removing records which are not buffered by the
    store, and which are behind the range of the currently buffered record set, the
    "remove" method now adjusts the values of the "bufferRange"-property minus the
    number of records removed, to reflect the changes in the underlying data model
    - fixed: (GridView.js) when removing rows which are not part of the data
    model, the "rowIndex" and "lastRowIndex" properties are now both updated, and the
    remaining rows in the view processed by "processRows()"
    - fixed: (GridView.js) "forceRepaint" argument for the "updateLiveRows"
    method is now passed using the "options"-object of the Ajax.request, which will
    then be passed to the "replaceLiveRows()".method called by the "liveBufferUpdate()".
    - fixed: (GridView.js) last revision had a typo left that caused the rows
    not to be updated when the "insertRows()" method would be called with the
    "isUpdate"-argument set to true
    - enhancement: (GridView.js) changed "onRemove()" method to not support
    "isUpdate" argument, since the current implementation of GridView would
    never call "onRemove" for simply updating a row in the view
    - fixed: bufferRange will now get reset if all records in the store are removed

    Edit 11.09.2008:

    Version 0.2

    Edit 02.09.2008:

    Version 0.2rc5

    • fixed: (BufferedGridView.js) typo left in "insertRows()" would prevent the
      view to reassign the proper rowIndex when argument "isUpdate" was set to true
    • fixed: (BufferedGridView.js) wrong parameter passed to "buffer" and
      "beforebuffer" event caused listeners to assume wrong number of visible rows

    Edit 30.08.2008:

    Version 0.2rc4

    • fixed: (BufferedStore.js) store would not allow for adding records without throwing errors when the store was initialized with no records; changed bufferRange to be initialized with [0,0] instead of [0, bufferSize] and incremented bufferRange-count according to the records coming in, until bufferRange[1] equals to bufferSize
    • fixed: (BufferedGridView.js, BufferedRowSelectionModel.js) store "add" event would neccessarily trigger the selectionmodel's onAdd-listener before the onAdd-listener of the GridView, resulting in false rendering of selected records; changed the selection model to listen to the "rowsinserted" event of the view and extended this event to pass the length of added record as the fourth parameter to all it's listeners
    • fixed: (BufferedGridView.js) collapsed panel would hide added records of the grid when the grid is expanded again and would lose scroll-position; added listener for "expand"-event of the view's gridpanel to recalculate visible rows, the buffer inset and reset the scrollbar's position to the proper value
    • enhancement: (BufferedGridView.js) improved calculation of rows that would cause spill when new records get added in "insertRows()"
    • fixed: (BufferedGridView.js) when adding new rows, selected rows which change their position in the view would lose their css-style for indicating that they are selected and pass it to unselected rows; updated "processRows()" to remove css-styles on rows which are currently not selected
    • fixed: (BufferedGridView.js) "onAdd()" would not always insert records depending on the position they got added in the store; updated and improved code based on "rows get added before first visible row", "rows get added after the last visible row", "rows get added somewhere in between the first and last visible row"

    Edit 30.08.2008:

    Version 0.2rc3

    • BufferedGridView: fixed - last row would not always be rendered proper if the end of records is reached and the panel would be resized so that more records are displayable; improved calculating the height of the buffer inset in both performance and functionality; component now working with Safari 3.1 under windows XP

    Edit 29.08.2008:

    Version 0.2rc2

    • BufferedGridView.js: re-rendering rows would not work proper if a resize of the panel during buffering happened; "adjustVisibleRows()" skips recalculating the "rowIndex" property now if the livegrid is currently buffering. "replaceLiveRows()" would not always calculate the exact range of rows to render; adjusted conditions to check for valid ranges

    Edit 29.08.2008:

    Version 0.2rc1

    • BufferedRowSelectionModel: "selectRow()" would allow selecting indexes greater than
      the "totalLength"-property of the store; added condition to check whether the index is
      out of bounds (closes google issue 5)
    • BufferedGridView.js: fixed a bug that would not recalculate the scrollbar's
      height if the number of possible rows to display in the view would exceed the
      total number of records in the store
    • BufferedStore.js: buffer range would not store the number of the total length
      of the records when last possible range is reached, but instead the number of the
      start-parameter with the "limit"-parameter, which lead to errors when a last
      possible record to render is requested that cannot be found in the store
    • BufferedGridView.js: last row in the grid is now clipped instead of removed if
      it is not fully displayable

    Edit 25.08.2008:
    • Version 0.1.2
    • BufferedGridView: wrong calculation of "start"-parameter for the buffer-request
      caused infinite loop. Adjusted calculation of return value in "getPredictedBufferIndex()"
      to always return correct value for "start"-parameter if the "nearLimit" property is greater
      than or equals to half of store's "bufferSize" property (fixes google issue 4)

      Version 0.1.1
    • BufferedGridView: grid would not be repainted correctly if a column was moved:
      method "onColumnMove()" with appropriate implementation added (fixes google issue 9);
      "onRemove()" would not work properly if the end of the data was reached in the visible
      rect and rows from within that rect are removed. Adjusted "lastRowIndex" to be equal to
      "rowIndex", and skipped implicit "processRows()" call in "replaceLiveRows()" via passing
      a new third argument "processRows", which will only call "processRows()" if the argument
      was not set to false; removed call to "selections.add()" in "processRows()" since selections
      are already in the "bufferedSelections" property of the selection model, and previously
      selected records are still part of the "selections"-property of the selection model.
    • BufferedGridView: Added functionality for listening to erroneous responses from
      buffer-requests. Event "bufferfailure" will now be fired if the store indicated that
      the proxy's response was erroneous; added "options" parameter to be passed to
    • BufferedGridToolbar: Toolbar is now listening to "bufferfailure"-event and resets
      the reload-button to "enabled" if necessary.

    Edit 30.05.2008:
    • fixed: wrong calculation in BufferedGridView.onLiveScroll (based on lastScrollPosition and actual scrollPosition) caused the view sometimes to not re-render some rows
    • fixed: provided bug fix for "ensureVisible: returned x-coordinate does not take the x-position of the gridpanel into account" (see
    • enhancement: added cfg option "scrollDelay" in BufferedGridView for buffering calls to onLiveScroll when scroll-event gets fired (thanks to Rich Waters)

    Edit 28.05.2008:
    Ext.ux.LiveGrid is now hosted at google-code:

    • fixed: wrong calculation of last displayable row after removing a row caused selection-model to get out of synch with the store's data
    • enhancement: BufferedStore: removed custom applySort() implementation due to changes in findInsertIndex
    • enhancement: BufferedStore: changed findInsertIndex to use parent implementation first, then check return value and adjust the index if needed
    • enhancement: BufferedStore/BufferedGridView: moved bufferRange-member to BufferedStore
    • enhancement: BufferedStore: optimized insert() method in BufferedStore
    • fixed: when adding a record to the store on the fly, the ensureVisible-method would not work always corect afterwards
    • fixed: when adding records, a previously made selection would block selecting the newly added record
    • enhancement: allowed to add records at position "0" in grid (existing records get shifted down)
    • fixed: skipped request for updateLiveRows in Ext.ux.grid.BufferedGridView.adjustVisibleRows when number of total records in store is less than the number of visible rows
    • fixed: request for buffering data in Ext.ux.grid.BufferedGridView.updateLiveRows() did not apply the property "lastOptions.params" to the params sent with the buffer-request

    Edit 18.03.2008:
    • works with 2.0.2 now

    Edit 03.12.2007:
    • works with 2.0 stable now

    Edit 01.12.2007:
    • updated project homepage
    • changed version to 0.5 BETA
    • Updated documentation of Ext.ux.grid.BufferedGridStore and Ext.ux.BufferedGridToolbar
    • Fixed a bug in Ext.ux.grid.BufferedRowSelectionModel to allow shifting selections when Ext.ux.grid.BufferedGridStore fires the add-event with an index equal to Number.MIN_VALUE
    • Fixed lagging repaint of scrollbar inset
    • Fixed missing scrollbars in Opera 9.24 and IE 6.0 (thanks to andrei, xpressive, Jacob)

    Updated project homepage
    Edit 28.11.2007: Added zip file containing demo database
    Edit 27.11.2007: Added source from data_proxy.php

    Project home:

    Please feel free to leave your comments, suggestions and bug reports in this thread.

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    Great news! In fact this is one of the missing things in Ext I like in Dojo.
    As far as I could see the demo works in IE 7, great work!

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    Very nice work! This gives a much better user experience than paging. I hope to see this become an official part of Ext.

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    WOW! Thats very good work! Works like a charm (if you call it 0.1, what else are you going to implement to get this to 1.0 finally, since it already looks quite finished ?)

    Thank you very much for sharing!

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    Thanks for sharing!!

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    Sencha Premium Member Troy Wolf's Avatar
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    Initial impresson = WOW!

    I especially like how the rows indicator at the bottom right updates smoothly as you drag the scrollbar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Troy Wolf View Post
    Initial impresson = WOW!

    I especially like how the rows indicator at the bottom right updates smoothly as you drag the scrollbar.
    Thanks Troy. The toolbar is listening to the cursormove event of the BufferedGridView and updates the info-text accordingly. The Ext.PagingToolbar inspired me here

    Quote Originally Posted by wm003 View Post
    (if you call it 0.1, what else are you going to implement to get this to 1.0 finally, since it already looks quite finished ?)
    Oh, there's still room for improvement. I'll adjust the predictive fetch algorithm and haven't spend too much time on testing adding and removing rows... But I might jump from 0.1 to 0.9, then

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    Looks real good. I know exactly where I can use it.

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    Looks great!

    - Doesn't work in IE6 (the column headers aren't visible, and no data).
    - In Firefox it seems that the call to data-proxy.php returns JSON data or error (see below).

    - Could you make sure that data-proxy.php only returns the first 13 rows of data (or the number of rows that is visible in the grid)?
    - If I only scroll one row down it should return the next 13 rows of data (as I'm probably going to advance one row more.... and more....).
    - It looks like it is retrieving data even though it should have it cached? If I go from the top to the bottom and back then I get the reloading mask. Could you configure it to keep data in the browser OR reload every time?

    Which license is this released under? The same as ExtJS?

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    Very impressive. I like the way it calculates the number of rows fully visible, and asjusts the View height so that it shows an exact number of rows.

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