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Thread: Ext.ux.LiveGrid

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    Default Up/Down scroll bar can't display for liveGrid

    some business machine doesn't display the up/down scroll bar. but in some dev machine is works , now i don't know what's Library or software is require for Extjs . i'm confused for it . i have tried to use google chrome in same machine ,it also works,

    business machine is WinXP System , IE7 and Firefox (last release version),

    Any one met this problem too . or have any advice.

    also i open demo page the scroll bar doesn't showing. but mouse up and down are works.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmyInMD View Post
    I am doing to do the actual refresh. Is that what I should be using?
    yes, that's the common way of reloading the store and automatically refresh the (live)-grid. i guess you need to create an event listeners prior to store-reload to remember the scrolling position.

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    Is it possible to make LiveGrid work with Locking GridView extension, an example of locking grid can be seen at

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    Default sometimes the grid cann't show all data, only show first record

    sometimes the grid cann't show all data, only show first record. but i
    check the response data are return by firebug. also the data load into store

    if i refresh or reload may be works,

    What version of the product are you using? On what operating system?
    Ext.ux.Livegrid 0.4.1 2010-03-20

    Please provide any additional information below.

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    Default Losing row selections when i scroll enough to cause a server fetch

    Quote Originally Posted by iancmcc View Post
    I'm having a problem with maintaining selections. I'm using revision 62 against Ext 3.0.0 final.

    When rows are selected, and the grid is scrolled far enough to make a request, then scrolled back up again (causing another request), the rows are no longer selected.

    Examining the records as they pass through replaceSelections(), I noticed that the ids of the records were incremented, not decremented. That is, the first request after scrolling down yielded records ext-record-101 through ext-record-200. The request made upon scrolling back up returned records ext-record-201 through ext-record-300, when it should have returned records somewhere between ext-record-0 and ext-record-100. Since that id is used to compute selection status, I figured that was probably the problem, but can't figure out anything I might have done to cause it.

    I added a simple log statement inside the for block in replaceSelections(), line 2404 of livegrid-all-debug.js:
            for (i = 0, len = records.length; i < len; i++) {
                rec = records[i];
                id  =;
                // Debug statement
                if (assigned.indexOf(id) == -1 && selections.containsKey(id)) {
    bufferSize is 100, nearLimit is 50.

    Can others reproduce this? Have I neglected to pass some config option in somewhere?
    Hi iancmcc,

    Im facing the exact same issue, were you able to figure this out?


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    I am working on merging LiveGrid with Column lock extension but struck at the point where in adjustBufferSize() code relies on first row that should have already been added to the grid but in my case for some reason its not getting added. Can somebody please tell me where the first row is added?

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    Default Correction for above post

    Correction, actually the method which checks for first row is adjustVisibleRows()

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    Default Out of sync headers and rows when large number of columns displayed in Livegrid.

    Has anyone tried livegrid .041 & Ext 3.1 with large number of columns. I just changed the demo which is available on ext-livegrid website to work with more than 20 columns. The grid displays fine but then if I scroll to the right and then click on one of the cells then suddenly headers and rows get out of sync. Is there any demo of live grid with more than 20 columns. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for fixing this issue.

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    [QUOTE=stephen.friedrich;410333]Last question for now:
    I tried to use the grid with checkbox selection (by changing the superclass of Ext.ux.grid.livegrid.RowSelectionModel to Ext.grid.CheckboxSelectionModel).
    That also only _almost_ works: The

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    hey there, CheckboxSelectionModel-Support will be available in the upcomin release!

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