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Thread: Ext JS 4.1 Beta 2 is Now Available

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    Default Ext JS 4.1 Beta 2 is Now Available

    Ext JS 4.1 Beta 2 is Now Available

    You can download Ext JS 4.1 Beta 2 here:

    There are lots of bug fixes regarding layout stability in Beta 2. Please see the release note included in the build for list of bug fixes and known issues.

    Edmund Leung
    Sencha Product Management

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    Here's the release notes for the curious ones

    Release Notes for Ext JS 4.1.0 Beta 2
    Known Issues

    EXTJSIV-4768 Layout Managers - Border Layout: "Center" layout and "Splitter above me" layouts are overlapping when clicking three times on "Add Region" button.
    EXTJSIV-5129 Button does not adhere to width setting in IE9
    EXTJSIV-5007 Save button in chart examples should display popup panel to confirm save and then save image.
    EXTJSIV-5024 Charts: Themed Line Charts: Wrong information shown on mouse hover in simple styling chart
    EXTJSIV-5074 Hiding item in Column/Bar chart legend makes legend items disappear
    EXTJSIV-5108 can't create label for type area series
    EXTJSIV-3710 LoadMask is broken in sandbox build
    EXTJSIV-4942 Element#tgetWidth() returns an incorrect result for naturally widthed absolutely positioned elements in some cases.
    EXTJSIV-3316 Ext.ux.grid.FiltersFeature cannot restore state
    EXTJSIV-3547 fires no "insert", "remove", "update" event.
    EXTJSIV-4319 Use a parameter other than 'id' for server calls
    EXTJSIV-4335 Duplicate records when calling sync() on a autoSync store
    EXTJSIV-4372 Grid Filtering Example: Bug with database return packet
    EXTJSIV-4296 Ext JS 4 and Sencha Touch Docs examples fail on Chromebook, can't use Example viewer, ReferenceError: Ext is not defined
    EXTJSIV-5148 Ext.selection.Model documentation bug
    EXTJSIV-1146 Editor Grid Example: Clicking from Common Name in an editor to Light doesn't invoke an editor
    EXTJSIV-4547 The Kitchen Sink example doesn't work properly on non-webkit browsers
    EXTJSIV-4937 Combination Examples : Desktop : Notepad isplaying errors in error console upon double clicking on empty space in the note pad.
    EXTJSIV-2081 Issue with "Bullet list" in the form widget editor
    EXTJSIV-2425 HTMLEditor corrupted when changing background color of selection
    EXTJSIV-2436 dynamic form_field alignment issues on ie6/7
    EXTJSIV-4831 Text fields with natural width are sometimes too narrow.
    EXTJSIV-3632 Grid performance in IE with large number of columns
    EXTJSIV-5003 Locked Grid Columns + Cell Editor + Tab = JS Error
    EXTJSIV-3704 Ext.layout.container.Box: wrong children margins if using CSS rules
    EXTJSIV-4483 Invalidating a layout must restore original size models for children
    EXTJSIV-4655 BorderLayout region z-index too low when expanding/floating
    EXTJSIV-3932 not implemented in IE8
    EXTJSIV-4091 Grid filters: initial value can be set, but it is not applied
    EXTJSIV-4397 Drag Drop Manager doesn't select correct drop target
    EXTJSIV-4421 x-tab-top-over never inserted into any element
    EXTJSIV-4545 Kitchen Sink - Basic Tabs : By default tab headers are not displaying in Basic tabs.
    EXTJSIV-4555 Loading the Finnish locale file will crash an application using
    EXTJSIV-4563 Row Editing throwing error when used with locked columns in grid
    EXTJSIV-457 DataView with multiSelect and drag-drop has bugs in selection
    EXTJSIV-4844 -> autoDestroy config is missing
    EXTJSIV-4873 Errors with add method in a container
    EXTJSIV-4902 Text fields sometimes appear too narrow.
    EXTJSIV-4951 ToolBars and Menus: Basic Tool Bar - All States are not displaying in the combo box once the state is selected in the "Button w/ Menu" through key board .
    EXTJSIV-4953 Localization(dynamic) - Displaying JS error upon selecting "Hebrew" from the Language selector.
    EXTJSIV-4954 Store Grouping Not Cleared Properly
    EXTJSIV-4955 Checkboxgroups W/ More Columns Than Checkboxes Throws JS Error
    EXTJSIV-4956 Creating A Checkbox Group /w Hidden Field Throws JS Error
    EXTJSIV-5000 Problems with DOM Id containing colon and DomeQuery.jsSelect with CSS escape notation
    EXTJSIV-5075 NodeInterface "deep" copy only copies a single level
    EXTJSIV-5103 Bug with Implicit Model / Store / MixedCollection / Proxy
    EXTJSIV-5125 FiltersFeature - Updating column header class when using a column group
    EXTJSIV-5130 [4.1.0 Beta-1] Neptune theme missing resources
    EXTJSIV-5154 RenderTo fails in 4.1 - Beta 1
    EXTJSIV-3625 TabPanel: defaults: closable true not configurable
    EXTJSIV-3719 The icon in tab is not centered vertically
    EXTJSIV-4178 Positioning problem when using TabPanel and a custom stylesheet
    EXTJSIV-3712 4.0.5 tabpanel shows blue strip in header in IE
    EXTJSIV-4234 Overflow arrow not shown with container resize, overflow enabled and scale set to large
    EXTJSIV-4243 Synchronous loading fails if async loading of same class is on going
    EXTJSIV-4815 Trees -> Drag and Drop reordering: After clicking on 'Expand All' and 'Collapse All' tree is not behaving as expected.
    EXTJSIV-5122 Window header heights are sometimes incorrect

    Bugs Fixed

    EXTJSIV-5066 Miscellaneous: Buttons: Disable buttons are click able
    EXTJSIV-5015 Issue in FormDashboard, default color is wrong for radar chart points
    EXTJSIV-5113 Regression in Draw strict and quirks tests for almost all browsers.
    EXTJSIV-4882 Invalid DOM id's can cause exceptions
    EXTJSIV-5018 Ext.Number.snap does not take minValue into account
    EXTJSIV-5084 Not allowed access to stylesheets when using file:// protocol
    EXTJSIV-5045 Data View :Animated Data View : Sliders and panel headers are disappearing after moving the sliders couple of times
    EXTJSIV-3046 Field setValue() firing change event
    EXTJSIV-4889 Overview guide is missing from 4.1 Beta 1
    EXTJSIV-5044 Drawing - Rotate Text : Displaying JS error upon clicking on slider bar
    EXTJSIV-4861 Need to create Upgrade Overview off of examples/index.html
    EXTJSIV-4916 Combination Examples:Web desktop: Masking on the page is not removed after clicking on yes/No button in the pop-up dialog.
    EXTJSIV-4925 Combination Examples : Web desktop isplaying errors in error console upon clicking on "Accordion window" on the desktop.
    EXTJSIV-4982 We need to link calendar to our main examples page
    EXTJSIV-5026 Combination Examples : Ext JS Calendar : UI issues in "Ext JS Calendar" example
    EXTJSIV-5094 Feed viewer - Combination examples : Displaying JS error upon clicking on tabs.
    EXTJSIV-5095 Combination Examples : Web desktop : Features in the note pad are not applying for the selected text.
    EXTJSIV-4241 The behavior of the stripCharsRe attribute in fields is wrongly documented (or is wrong)
    EXTJSIV-4879 Forms - Contact Us Form : UI is disturbed for "Contact Us" form
    EXTJSIV-4948 Forms - MultiSelect and ItemSelector : UI of "ItemSelector Test" form is disturbed when clicked on "Clear" button
    EXTJSIV-4970 Field CSS position change can break customized fields
    EXTJSIV-5116 Forms: Checkbox/Radio Groups: Displaying js error on loading
    EXTJSIV-4647 Cell Editing with Summary Feature error on View refresh
    EXTJSIV-4837 Grids: Grouped Header Grid - Extra space is created while drag and drop nested columns within the category header
    EXTJSIV-4881 Grids - Basic Array Grid - Displaying JS error when refreshing the page after swapping the columns
    EXTJSIV-4929 Grids - Grouping with Remote Summary : "Sponsored Projects" window is keep on loading and not displaying the data
    EXTJSIV-4939 Grids - Grouped Header Grid : "Last Updated" column is not displayed when drag and dropped under the "Stock Price" group
    EXTJSIV-4995 Grids - Infinite Grid : Data inside the grid is not displayed when vertical scroll bar is pull down
    EXTJSIV-5022 Grid headerCt border-bottom-color should be #c5c5c5
    EXTJSIV-5038 RowNumberer column header has no right border
    EXTJSIV-5065 GridCellEditing: Hide 'Common Name' column and tapping on 'Add Plant' button shows text field as expanded
    EXTJSIV-5091 TableView should not update its layout upon refresh if infinite scrolling is being used.
    EXTJSIV-5141 Buffered scrolling omits last row in prefetch buffer
    EXTJSIV-3697 Failed test: Verify Center Layout Page
    EXTJSIV-4665 For an accordion layout in IE, the Tab key will hide the next sibling's header
    EXTJSIV-4830 Cannot select radio button
    EXTJSIV-4851 Layout Managers - Border Layout : Displaying js error when clicked on "North 2" layout header
    EXTJSIV-4996 Layout Managers - Layout Browser : "Navigation" and "Footer" layouts are overlapping when clicked on "Footer" layout title bar
    EXTJSIV-5089 Docked right components are incorrectly sized in IE6
    EXTJSIV-4867 -> inside a container
    EXTJSIV-4407 [4.0.7] Tab font variable never honoured
    EXTJSIV-4685 Combination Example-Theme Viewer isplaying JS error upon clicking on "Toggle Enabled" button in the Form Widget.
    EXTJSIV-4749 [4.0.7] not possible to hide a column series in a chart with the hideAll()-method
    EXTJSIV-4801 Row Editor breaking in 4.1 with a grouped header, and a store not initially populated
    EXTJSIV-4862 We need to remove jira.html from our knightly zip
    EXTJSIV-4871 Error with Ext.util.Animate
    EXTJSIV-4874 Ext.draw (Ext.create) ExtJS 4.0.7/ 4.1(Win7)
    EXTJSIV-4885 [4.1B1] Unused variable
    EXTJSIV-4886 [4.1 B1] Button broken when handleMouseEvents is false
    EXTJSIV-4887 Ext.Date and Ext.Number undefined on code passed to functionFactory() (sandbox)
    EXTJSIV-4888 CSS doesn't get minified in 4.1 beta 1
    EXTJSIV-4891 Visual Diff: Panel padding-top appears to be ignored
    EXTJSIV-4894 Visual Diff: Buttons too wide
    EXTJSIV-4895 Visual Diff: Window Shadows completely missing
    EXTJSIV-4898 Visual Diff: Windows mis-sized, broken headers
    EXTJSIV-4899 Visual Diff: Accordion borders all wrong
    EXTJSIV-4900 Visual Diff: Themes example has a big border all around it
    EXTJSIV-4901 Visual Diff: Header too tall, tools mispositioned
    EXTJSIV-4905 Visual Diff: Missing grid top border
    EXTJSIV-4907 Visual Diff: Panel header icon mispositioned
    EXTJSIV-4908 Visual Diff: Missing group header text background color
    EXTJSIV-4910 On Beta 1: JS error "el is null" when ACTUAL_BU is set to "K"
    EXTJSIV-4911 Resizers on TextFields do not work in 4.1 Beta
    EXTJSIV-4912 panel body size must not add borders twice
    EXTJSIV-4915 Drawing : Browser Logs - The Logos(Safari,Sencha,Tiger) are not displaying as expected.
    EXTJSIV-4919 Toolbar overflow scroller not working on a defined component
    EXTJSIV-4924 examples/calendar -- TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object
    EXTJSIV-4934 If paramsAsHash is true, but an load function takes no arguments, fail
    EXTJSIV-4946 4.1: Form/Field isDirty() shows false if field has no original value
    EXTJSIV-4949 Multiple Grid Instances with dockedItems
    EXTJSIV-4950 slideOut Callback Called Too Soon
    EXTJSIV-4960 [4.1 B1] Accordion layout - bad inline example
    EXTJSIV-4964 [4.1 B1] CSS.createStyleSheet() error
    EXTJSIV-4965 Grids: Grid Filters - The filter symbols(<,> ,=) are not properly displayed
    EXTJSIV-4967 Is there a quick way to fasten tooltip on the top of floating window
    EXTJSIV-4973 Component isVisible does not work if the component is not rendered.
    EXTJSIV-4974 is an unsafe method
    EXTJSIV-4977 Miscellaneous : Resizable - The re-size handler is not displaying properly.
    EXTJSIV-4984 Panel headers height in spotlight example is 2px off
    EXTJSIV-4988 The Save button in charts should download an image (and show a popup for this)
    EXTJSIV-4998 Chart: Pie slices does not show when values are small
    EXTJSIV-5020 Panel height calculated too tall
    EXTJSIV-5021 Property grid row height too small
    EXTJSIV-5036 Fidelity: error when trying to save and update values on a form
    EXTJSIV-5037 [4.1] Opened windows disappear when switching between tab panels
    EXTJSIV-5050 Typo in src/data/Store.js
    EXTJSIV-5052 rsync: link_stat "extjs/overview/." failed: No such file or directory
    EXTJSIV-5070 TextField height Property Change
    EXTJSIV-5073 disabled menuitem invoke menu - click-event
    EXTJSIV-5077 [4.1-B1] Combo Box disappearing incorrectly
    EXTJSIV-5107 [4.1] Nested fieldset not submitting it's checkbox
    EXTJSIV-5145 Combination Examples : Ext JS Calendar - Displaying js error while drag and drop the event from header of the hour matrix to hour matrix.
    EXTJSIV-4701 Panel headers are disconnected from panel body
    EXTJSIV-4868 Cannot setTitle on collapsed panel in border layout
    EXTJSIV-4938 Panel collapse/expand animations break natural auto sizing
    EXTJSIV-4997 Panel header dimensions are way off
    EXTJSIV-5001 Window header is incorrectly bordered
    EXTJSIV-5086 Vertical Panel headers have visual problems
    EXTJSIV-5087 Panel headers on framed panels instantiated with collapsed: true are truncated in old IE
    EXTJSIV-5114 Initially placeholder-collapsed Panels have z-index:5
    EXTJSIV-5120 Collapsed vertical panel headers have tools inserted at the wrong positiong
    Selection Model
    EXTJSIV-5040 [Wells Fargo TechnologyKeyboard navigation issue: the down arrow key regardless of whether you are holding down the ctrl key or not triggers a select on the next row
    EXTJSIV-4462 Not Verified: loadmask showing on hidden components
    EXTJSIV-5019 Tab position off when using plain
    EXTJSIV-5135 Fieldset padding is wrong on IE
    EXTJSIV-4880 Toolbars and Menus - Status Bar : Status bar of "Ext Word Processor" is not shown as browser's vertical scroll bar is moving up while typing any text in text area.
    EXTJSIV-5147 Toolbars and Menus - Basic Toolbar - Top and Bottom arrows are missing in scrolling menu
    EXTJSIV-5023 Windows: Window Variations: JS error on dragging constrained window

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    ehm, i replaced previous sencha (4.0.7) with this 4.1 beta2 and i get this error
    whenever i call or store.sync(). I am using direct store.

    TypeError: Cannot call method 'push' of undefined

    anyone else getting this ?

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    also if autoLoad: true is set on the store (treestore in this example with ajax proxy)
    it fails to work with error : Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'hasCls' of null

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    same here...

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    Try to replace ExtJS 4.0.7 in my project, worked perfect! Very fast.

    when can we expect the first release ofthe themeNeptune?

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    Find issue with some store (rest proxy, grid with pages), not all stores. In 4.0.7 worked:

    source.convert is not a function

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    Quote Originally Posted by env0ke View Post
    Find issue with some store (rest proxy, grid with pages), not all stores. In 4.0.7 worked:

    source.convert is not a function
    If you found a bug, please post in the bugs forum using the bug template.
    Mitchell Simoens @LikelyMitch

    Check out my GitHub:

    Posts are my own, not any current, past or future employer's.

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    Resizers on formfields is still not working in Beta2, but the error is gone. The resizers will not display.
    I there a fix for this...?

    I posted the issue here

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    Moving from 4.0.6 to 4.1b2 I was not happy when I started switching one app as many things didn't work out of the box. But ... as I could identify and remove one hurdle after the other ... a pretty much faster app reveals ... I am starting to like 4.1 ... and so will the endusers if I succeed in removing the remaining hurdles ... thumbs up on 4.1 :-)

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