Dearest Forum,

I am seeking to perform a routine task of accessing a MySQL table and performing CRUD operations on it via Ext.Direct. All attempts have been frustrated thus far.

I employ the recommended MVC folder structure and app set up.

The app:
    name: 'DragonFly',
    autoCreateViewport: true,

    controllers: ['Ledger'],
    models: ['Ledger'],
    stores: ['Ledger'],
    init: function() {;
The data/api.php script returns:
Ext.ns(""); =  {"url":"router.php","type":"remoting","actions":{"QueryLedger":[{"name":"getResults","len":1},{"name":"createRecord","len":1},{"name":"updateRecords","len":1},{"name":"destroyRecord","len":1}]}};
To me, this indicates that it is working. Inside controller:

  proxy: {
        type: 'direct',
        model: 'Ledger',
        api: {
            create:    QueryLedger.createRecord,
            read: QueryLedger.getResults,
            update:    QueryLedger.updateRecords,
            destroy: QueryLedger.destroyRecord
The code breaks here on an error at "create". Ext.Direct documentation states that the should be added to my global namespace, yet this indicates to me that it isn't. Any ideas why?

Also, I noticed that the return of api.php does not have '"url" : "routing\/router"' in it, as the examples indicate. It's missing the first part. Is this cause for alarm?

Appreciate it,