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Thread: [4.1b1] Model#set([Object]) calls endEdit() with empty modifiedFieldNames arg

    Success! Looks like we've fixed this one. According to our records the fix was applied for EXTJS-5136 in a recent build.
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    Quote Originally Posted by abhijit View Post
    Hi Don,

    I'm not using a Model.

    Before reconfiguring, I set up the store fields from the 'meta' sent from the server -
    store.fields = meta.fields;
    And then I fire the reconfigure, as usual, -
    grid.reconfigure(store, meta.columns);

    Could it be because I don't have a model defined?
    Possibly, but that pattern should create an implicit Model behind the scenes. What steps do you take using the store or record to get this behavior? How do you see the problem present itself?

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    Essentially, for a reconfigured grid, when no model is created explicitely, and the grid has cell editing plugin, when you change the data of any cell, the store update is not fired.

    The store is set to autosync: true.

    I'm not really doing anything beyond that to get this error.

    Okay, one more thing about the grid in which this is happening - it has grouped headers. I don't know if that could affect this.

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