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Thread: Flipbook function

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    Default Flipbook function

    Sencha can't change image like Flipbook.

    I must create like flipbook like that.


    it is uncool.
    and, if I create like this
    , afterimage and disappear image happen.

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    Default CSS is only for moving or fading animation

    CSS is not good at changing picture animation.

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    Default Re: Flipbook Function

    I have no idea about computer language and codes. But for flipbook functions, you can take a view of Kvisoft Flip Book Maker Pro, which offers many functionalities for designing flipbook.
    Hope it helps!
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    What kind of flipbook are you looking for?

    I am currently creating a custom script that can be loaded into Sencha Animator (as load js in <head>)
    This hold a number of functions that let's you extend it to a more magazine style site (popups, Sound Libraries, a small curl effect in the corner of the page, a dynamic index page etc)

    There is also this nice Javascript Flipbook type of thing which I could add to the code if wanted (, but it's more a side project at our company so I don't know when I will be finished.

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