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    Default Jsonview probleme


    I have a json object which it is not obtain by a request on php page.

    Instead of do a view.load, i'de like to push the jsondata directly to the jsonview.

    how can i do?

    There my code

    var config = {root:{ label:'pays', input:{type:'text', id:'unId'} } };
    var view = new YAHOO.ext.JsonView( dialog.body.dom, 
               '<div ">{label}</div>', 
               { multiSelect: true, jsonRoot: 'root' });
    		view.jsonData = config;   

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    Look at the doc for the loadData fn in LoadableDataModel. This takes a data object as a first arg, instead of a url.

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    Ok Tim.

    But in which package can i find 'LoadableDataModel' because, in the doc, i don't.


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    jsonData should be an array.

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