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Thread: Ext js 2.0 complex layout question

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    Default Ext js 2.0 complex layout question


    There's in the layout example a property grid in the right panel. You can display the values by alphabetical order by clicking on the name tab. What about the order you want? I don't find any clue about that in the doc.

    Thank you for your support
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    There are a couple of threads about this.

    At this time, the PropertyGrid only supports sorted properties.

    You can try this though, it worked for me:

    Code: = null;
    found it here:

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    Default seems good

    thank you but you put those two line in PropertyGrid.js itself? i don't see any ref anywhere

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    "PropGrid" is an example variable set to an instance of a property grid.

    The "store" is the assigned to the grid. May not be documented but it is available as a property of the grid itself.

    Hopefully, we'll have a config setting to handle this but right now, this hack will prevent the sort as the datastore doesn't have any info to sort on when you set the source.

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