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Thread: Spring output not coming back to JS

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    Default Spring output not coming back to JS

    Dear All,
    We have a need to host HTML and ExtJS Javascript files on apache and the back end on tomcat. Both are running on the same machine, but listening to different port. We are able to post the data from the ExtJS form panel, but result is not reaching to the Javascript files. Any one has some idea why it may be going wrong. We have noted that, the data is reaching to the server but server's response is not reaching to the js file.

    Please let me know if any one has any idea abt fixing this.

    Thanks in advance.

    With Regards

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    A little hard to say with the information provided but I suspect you're falling foul of the same origin policy. If your servers are running on different ports then they count as totally different from a security perspective.

    You don't say how you're posting the data. If you're attempting to use Ajax then you may be inadvertently slipping into CORS territory (take a look on Wikipedia, Cross-Origin Resource Sharing, Mozilla also have a good guide to it). I suspect you'll find that IE and Opera won't send the request whereas Chrome, Safari and Firefox all will but they won't get the response.

    Standard practice would be to forward requests destined for the Tomcat through the Apache.

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