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Thread: Andorid virtual KeyBorad issues

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    Default Andorid virtual KeyBorad issues


    I have a Ext.List with a template which includes an HTML input component (an HTML textfield, type number), so every item in the list is an item description and a textbox to specify a number (check sample code below)

    I have found two issues when running the application on Android 2.2.1 (it works fine on IPhone 3GS, IOS 4), with Samsung Galaxy SCL and Galaxy Ace devices.

    + First issue: If I tap on one of the textfields shown on startup (without scrolling) the NUMERIC Android virtual keyboard is displayed. But if I scroll to some other item placed at the bottom of the list, then the ALPHANUMERIC Android virtual keyboard is displayed instead of the NUMERIC one. Why ?

    + Second issue: Tapping on items close to the bottom of the screen makes the Android virtual keyboard hide the editing textfield. Is this an Android OS issue ?

    Application is already developed with Sencha Touch 1.1.1 and cannot use version 2.0.


    Ext.regModel('Item', {
       fields: ['name']
    var store = new{
       model: 'Item',
       data: [
           {name: 'Item 0'},
           {name: 'Item 1'},
           {name: 'Item 2'},
           {name: 'Item 3'},
           {name: 'Item 4'},
           {name: 'Item 5'},
           {name: 'Item 6'},
           {name: 'Item 7'},
           {name: 'Item 8'},
           {name: 'Item 9'},
           {name: 'Item 10'},
           {name: 'Item 11'},
           {name: 'Item 12'},
           {name: 'Item 13'},
           {name: 'Item 14'},
           {name: 'Item 15'},
           {name: 'Item 16'},
           {name: 'Item 17'},
           {name: 'Item 18'},
           {name: 'Item 19'},
           {name: 'Item 20'}]
    var myList = new Ext.List
       fullscreen: true,
       itemTpl: '{name} <input type= "number"/>',
       store: store
    var myPanel = new Ext.Panel(
     id: 'myPanel',
     items: [myList] 
    ////////// Application
    new Ext.Application({
     name : 'MyApp',
     launch : function ()
      this.viewport = new Ext.Panel({
       fullscreen : true,
       items: [myPanel]

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    1. Weird, it shouldn't if the type is number. Not much you can do about that one then.
    2. Unlike iOS, Android doesn't scroll the page up so there isn't much you can do about that.
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