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    Default Appropriate Forum

    To help expedite helping with questions, bugs, discussion ... please post into the correct forum. Each product (and version) has its own group of forums I call categories (e.g. Ext JS Community Forums 4.x). Each category has forums to better organize threads. If you have a question on how to do something, post in the Q&A forum. Want to discuss a feature or the framework, post the Discussion forum. Have a bug that you'd like to report, post in the Bug forum.

    Posting in the correct forum will get you help faster and keep questions organized. Please before posting, just make sure you are in the correct forum. When posts are placed in the correct forum, it is easier to search specific forums using the advanced search.
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    Default Seeking developers on Sencha Forums

    Please do not post on Sencha Forums seeking developers. The appropriate place to look is, the definitive directory of developers working with Ext JS, Ext GWT, and Sencha Touch frameworks.

    Thank you.

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