I've tried to create an ActionSheet that is contained within another component. Now I couldn't work out how to do this at creation time, since I only want the sheet in a child view that may or may not be displayed in the lifetime of the app. So I decided I would add the sheet to the component after creating it with an add and doLayout call. This mostly seems to work when inside a normal web browser, but when run on my Android device the ActionSheets mask does not correctly display. Most times it will not display the mask in the correct position. If I show/hide the ActionSheet quickly then sometimes the mask appears correctly. I have been having a very hard time debugging this on device, I've tried to use Weinre but whenever I add the script tag to the index.html the app refuses to load.

Anyone have any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

            this.sortSheet = new Ext.ActionSheet({
                enter: 'top',
                id: 'mySortSheet',
                items: [{xtype: 'panel', html:'Test text'},{
                    text: 'Action 1'
                    text: 'Action 2'
                    text: 'Action 3'