Android performance comes up every now and again and whilst i'm having some success with sencha 2 I've hit a problem that is now plaguing my app with sencha 1. This issue is where i've wrapped my app using phonegap and running it as an app on the device.

In some cases I've found that sencha runs much smoother when wrapped as a app but have recently just come across an issue whereby it simply cannot handle the amount of images that require downloading and the whole UI freezes and stutters until all the assets are downloaded. Im trying to ascertain if this is limited to specific devices / android versions.

What i'm potentially looking to do to make the app lazy load, although in a lot of cases its more 'stagger' the image loading, as much as possible. This doesn't seem to happen on the iPhone (native or web), nor on Android when using the browser to view the page as a webapp so i'm wondering if there is and experience on the Android webview floating around in here?

Another thought had been to actually ship the native app with some custom code that would download images in the background and replace them with some js to 'local' or 'cached' files once downloaded. There seems to be a bit of this going on anyway.

whilst this is not really a sencha, nor a phonegap issue as such if anyone had any thoughts or experiences on this i'd be keen to discuss....