I'm trying to create a basic mvc app with sencha touch 2. I have a few basic parts ready. The app.js and a controller, which load and run good. But all i need to do now is to add a view. But this is where the problem starts.

When i try to add a view to my controller, then it displays the following error in console:
GET file:///xcode/TEST_MVC/www/AM/view/User.js?_dc=1318501436195
I have no idea why i'm getting this error. As far as i can see i did exactly what the example apps are doing.

Please take a look at my code:

This is my controller:
PHP Code:
Ext.define('AM.controller.Main', {
views: ['User'],  // <--- This is causing the error
init: function() {

And this is my view:
PHP Code:
Ext.define('AM.view.User' ,{
So when i remove this line from my controller:
views: ['User']

Then my app runs fine, without errors... But that is how i try to 'add' my view to my controller.
For some reason it then looks in the "/AM/" folder, which is just the name i defined in app.js.

Anyone any idea what i'm doing wrong here...?