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Thread: ExtJS and Dart

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    Default ExtJS and Dart

    Any plans to write the ExtJS Library in Dart ;-) ?

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    There are many things to do before saying yes or no to this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mitchellsimoens View Post
    There are many things to do before saying yes or no to this.
    And most of them have to do with Google.


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    I've been having a very boring time getting up to speed with javascript.

    Too many years working with strongly typed languages and helpful compiler/consoles.

    DART looks mighty appealing in that respect.

    If they had 1/10th of the framework/components that extjs supplies I would switch now !

    Instead I'll vote for sencha to keep working on "ext-all-dev-debug-and-check-everything-for-dummies.js"

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    dart looks definitely promising but again google tries to build something on their own, ignoring all standards.

    so far, apple has said no to dart and it won't get supported by webkit. of course, google can include it in chrome though.

    mozilla and microsoft also said no to dart.
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    I know, this is anoutdated thread. Because I found this thread in google, it make senseto me to share some thoughts on this. As an precaution, I am notpleasing you to follow my thoughts.

    I gave extjs a couple oftimes a chance. But I always failed on the quirks of javascript. Asthe resulting applications controllers gets bigger, the more I loosecontrol over refactoring for adding features or debugging. Because mystrengths are Java, C# and PHP, Javascript requires me tocomprehensibly rethink (to me "intuitive") my code. As anaddition to that, javascript will never give me the ability to writeas robust code, as dart qualifies me. Dart is an widely "unaccepted" standard I understand that. But the dart-compiler could generatejavascript from dart-code. So in that case, dart behaves tojavascript, like SCSS to CSS: After I used SCSS in development, Iwill never switch back to plain CSS, if nothing enforces that.

    So if extjs had andart-port, it could always be available as javascript (but thatjavascript would possibly feel different to the currentextjs-javascript-foundation, even if I dont know exactly how much thecode will differ from the for extjs-devs "expected" result).

    Sorry for my buggy english:-)

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