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Thread: Size of pie chart not taking into callout labels

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    Default Size of pie chart not taking into callout labels

    I'm rendering a pie series chart into one of my panels. Every slice has a callout label. The callout labels at top and bottom aren't rendered; they're chopped off. To get them to show, I have to explicitly set an insetPadding of 30 (default is 10).

    I conclude that you aren't taking into account the space needed for callout labels when computing the overall width and height of the chart. Correct? Maybe this should be done. BTW: my labels at right and left aren't chopped because I've got the available space on screen (testing in Chrome).

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    Default setting the radius

    I had to change the radius inside touch-chart.js
    //r.radius = Math.min(d - G.x, c - G.y);
    r.radius = 315;

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