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Thread: Sencha Touch Training - What's It Like?

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    Question Sencha Touch Training - What's It Like?

    Can anyone give me a more in-depth rundown of what happens at a Sencha Touch open training session? We are debating whether to do SenchaCon or get the Sencha Touch training, but we can't do both, and now we don't want to do the training if it doesn't cover Sencha Touch 2 or MVC...

    SenchaCon's sessions look great, but I'm afraid the sessions will be too short and not hands-on enough to hammer that stuff into my thick head.

    - Dave

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    Default Senchan Training

    Did you take the course? What decision did you make?
    I'm about to sign for the training and I was wondering what worked better for you.

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    i took a course last year, not open training though, it was the fast-track to sencha 1 through Fig Leaf.

    You spend 3 days hands on in front of a computer going through the course material. At the end you have a functional mobile website. The training at the time did not go over MVC, SASS/Theming. I think for the latter it was touched upon lightly... the focus was on creating panels, layouts, forms, web services, templates... most of the things that you need to know. The best part is the documentation. You get examples for everything and the training source code can be downloaded. Class size was about 9 people.

    Again, that was for Sencha 1... Sencha 2 training (if it exists, and I wouldn't know if it does) would *have to* go over MVC. I don't see how it wouldn't.

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    Default Sencha Touch 2

    Thanks for taking the time to reply, the Sencha
    touch 2 training ( fast track does include the MVC, I've been trying to find people who actually took these courses.
    Since you took it how's been your experience in terms of the apps you've been able to develop?
    Do you think it was worth it?
    The reason I ask is that I'm a freelance developer paying for it with my own money and just need to be sure it is a good investment.

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    sorry for the delay, have been traveling...

    well, i think it was worth doing just for the documentation. the training material is in a 8 1/2 x 11 spiral-bound tome - code samples from layout to dealing with data. You walk through building a web app hitting public data sources. Missing people database or something like that... Thats what we did anyway, no idea what the S2 course covers but i imagine its similar.

    There is a lot to cover and we covered the topics fairly quickly. The "labs" consisted of us cranking on code per the training material with the instructor walking around and helping where needed. Everything from layout to dealing with data, templates, drill-downs, forms, google maps.....

    I had done 1 app before hand - nothing fancy, 10 panels, forms, a calculation at the end. From that I had my own questions and goals to go to the training with.

    they did try to show something in android but weren't prepared and they gave up on it (and righty so, their phonegap wasn't installed so there was no point in coninuing)... The point was learning sencha, not the labor of creating native apps, so set that expectation before hand. However, for ST2 I expect that they would indeed show off the sencha app wrapper. Check the course agenda for that.

    Up to you if the cost is worthwhile, I think it let me jump in with less of a learning curve but the documentation was the thing that i found the most useful afterwards.

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks eyepoker, I'll be going to the NY Sencha Touch 2 training, have great expectations about it...
    Hopefully it will payoff at the end.


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    If you remember this thread after the training I'd like to hear what it was like. Have been thinking of it myself.

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