I've just started to get into Ext.Direct, and decided on using DirectCFM for it's simplistic use. I've gone through the little guide and setup a sample 'send' function that should just return what it sent to it (just like in the example) but when I run it I get an exception message saying 'The DATA parameter to the send function is required but was not passed in.'

I've setup my custom namespace, and am executing it with:
var provider = Ext.Direct.addProvider(OCC.ss.APIDesc);
My API.cfm returns (sorry for errors, its my typing from one network to another):
Ext.ns('OCC.ss');OCC.ss.APIDesc = {"url":"cfcs\/Router.cfm","namespace":"OCC.ss", "type":"remoting","actions":{"events":[{"len":"2","name":"send"}]}};
Everything else seems to work... any ideas?