Without being required to pay $300 for a simple answer, can I ask someone from Sencha to clarify what is a core requirement for many apps in our multi-media world.

is it actually possible for Sencha Touch to render video for Android devices?

There's a lot I like about Sencha Touch, though it's a steep learning curve. But, if the answer to the above is no (and one user recently stated to me - 'yep, I get round it by hiding the video menu item from my android users') then there's a problem.

Of course everyone likes the iPhone, but there are more Android device users than iPhone these days and it seems that the sencha xtype 'video' doesn't mark up the video tag properly for Android.

Can I ask for a response from the support team (who I hope do actually look in this section from time to time), so that I, and many like me, can either solve this or move on.