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    I'm wondering how people are deploying their Sencha Touch Apps?

    Currently my understanding is that Sencha Touch allows me to generate an "App" which I can deploy as an Android App or an iPhone App (or whatever) basically through wrapping my app/website into the specific App type I'm trying to create (android/iphone/whatever).

    Are there/Is there any good tools for automating some of these processes? I'd really appreciate any insight or advice on this since I have no real experience at mobile apps (though I'm quite well versed with web apps). And thank you, Sencha Forum!

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    Sencha Touch allows you to write web apps. To build native apps out of these, you need to wrap them with phonegap, nimblekit or a similar wrapper. As for automation, phonegap has some sort of build service. Hope this helps to get you started.

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