How do I create a column in a grid that contains static HTML, i.e. HTML that doesn't get stomped on each time the row model is updated? Specifically, I'd like to add an html span to a column for each row with a unique ID, e.g.

renderer:function(value,metaData,model ){ return "<span id='"+model.get("columnA")+"'></span>"}
and then in another thread populate the span (via it's dom id) with dynamic content. I have a 3rd party library (or maybe a Ext4 chart widget) that I need to give the dom ID to, but since the span keeps getting deleted and re-created by Ext4 during row updates it's not working. (BTW, I don't have the option to to get the html from the 3rd party library and return it in the renderer - their "draw" call doesn't return the html)

An ideal solution would be a one time renderer for the column, but I don't see how to do that.

Any other suggestions?