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Thread: TextArea maximum capacity

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    Default TextArea maximum capacity

    Hi all,

    I am developing certain features for a ExtJS(v2.2) library based Web Console(on Web Browser). The present use case is to retrieve massive logs of the order of 100s of MBs and display them on the Web console. I am making use of a Text Area for this purpose.

    The Ajax response consists of MBs of data as expected. I am trying to set this content to the Text Area. But the component doesnt scale to that extent. The browser gets stuck for quite some time and then once things are fine I could see only few MBs of data available in the Text Area.

    What's the limit on amount of text that a TextArea component can hold? Would really appreciate if you could provide some suggestions if you feel this use case can be achieved some other way or using some other component.


    P.S.: Plan B would be to display the data to the user in chunks on performance of some action like "Next" button click. But really want to achieve this without user intervention.

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    Do you think it is a good approach to load more than 100MB of data to users' browser to one page? Will it be easy to navigate throw million lines of text at one window? Also i think it would create performance issues also.

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