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Thread: CSS Guidance needed

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    Post CSS Guidance needed

    I notice that most/all of your Touch Charts examples just include a special "touch-charts-demo.css" file, and don't include the base Sencha Touch CSS file. Are the two meant to combine?

    I have an ST app, and I want to include charts. Do I include both "sencha-touch.css" and a CSS file for Touch Charts? In what order? Which charts CSS file do I include? What's the difference between "touch-charts.css" and "touch-charts-full.css"? Where are the debug versions of these files?

    And etc. etc.

    It would be nice to have:-
    a) v1.1.1 of ST released (with full debug version of the CSS)
    b) debug versions of the charts CSS
    c) most importantly, full and proper guidance re. charts CSS files, and how they combine with ST's CSS file
    d) maybe a more involved example that doesn't just include "touch-charts-demo.css" on its own.

    Many thanks.

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    Hi awebb- Indeed, as you suspect, the touch-charts-demo.css is a combination of Touch Charts CSS and Touch. This was meant to provide an example of how one could compile their stylesheets together to see how, just look at resources/sass/touch-charts-demo.scss. Also, the other approach (just bringing in the Touch Charts CSS alone) is also possible. This stylesheet is under resources/css/touch-charts.css and can be included in the head just below the default Sencha Touch CSS. We will look into and consider your additional requests for now, if you want to compile a debug version, just edit the config.rb, line 12, to say "environment = :debug" and recompile the sass folder. Hope that helps, thanks-

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