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Thread: 4 column layout

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    Default 4 column layout

    Hi, i need to make a 4 column layout with Sencha Touch. It's for a mobile device (iphone and android).

    Usually i would've done this with a table. Set the width="100%" and each column would be 25%. The table itself doesn't have to be fancy at all. No need to select/edit columns or rows or anything like that.
    I just need the table cells to put some data in.

    But i'm not sure how to do this with Sencha Touch. Any ideas?

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    You could use something along the lines of
      xtype: 'panel',
      layout: {
        type: 'hbox',
        align: 'stretch',
        pack: 'justify'
      items: [{
        //panel for column 1
      }, {
        //panel for column 2
      }, .......

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