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Thread: 3.4 throws "null" exception on grid template loading.

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    Default 3.4 throws "null" exception on grid template loading.

    3.4 throws "null" exception on grid template loading.
    Working perfectly with 3.2.0

    I am loading a grid from a JSON reader based Store with help of MemoryProxy.

    It is working good in 3.2.0 but not in 3.4.
    In 3.4 it gives exception in all browsers
    "SCRIPT5007: Unable to get value of the property 'child': object is null or undefined
    ext-all-debug.js, line 47024 character 13".

    When I checked the code difference.

    3.2 has
    var el = this.grid.getGridEl().dom.firstChild;
    var cs = el.childNodes;
    this.mainWrap = new E(cs[0]);
    But 3.4 has
    el = Ext.get(this.grid.getGridEl().dom.firstChild),
    mainWrap = new Element(el.child('div.x-grid3-viewport')),

    Please help me to figure out the issue.

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    If you are upgrading EXTJS, you can try the following steps.
    1) Search for all "Ext.override(" s in the project and comment out the one which overrides API components.
    2) Search for ".prototype" and find out the additional behaviors built over API and comment them.


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