Ext version tested:
  • Ext 4.0.5

Browser versions tested against:
  • IE8
  • Chrome 13.0782.112

  • Sometimes the grid control throws an error when scrolling is set to "vertical". This doesn't happen all the time, only in some cases. The error shown in chrome console is:
    "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'height' of undefined" (line 75520 in ext-all-debug.js of Ext 4.0.5). The line belongs to determineScrollbars function of Ext.panel.Table. Here is the code at that line:
    if (verticalScroller && ((clientHeight - scrollHeight) < horizontalScroller.height))
    It looks like "horizontalScroller" is causing the problem since it is null / undefined in my scenario. A null check for this should fix the problem.

Operating System:
  • Win 7